Bride’s Father Speech Rules to Follow

Dads, you have to cover lot of things in short time when you are in your father of the bride speech. This is the most emotional and sentimental time in wedding event. Getting and presenting right speech is tough than every dad thinks. At the same time, it is not difficult for a dad to get prepared for a simple but superb speech. Bride speech by father is talking all about the qualities and characteristic of daughter. There is no training or template for a perfect bride speech by the father. But there are some interesting tips that can be followed. Break these tips at own risk.

Advance planning: Plan father the bride speech in advance to be free from getting your throat blocked.  Get advice from family and friends. Waiting for long for the words to come kills the beauty of father’s speech on marriage day.

Be sober: It is good to take one or two pegs of drinks to bring flow and smoothness. But don’t go beyond that. It can the make the tongue lazy and words lagging.

Give warm welcome: Give warm welcome to everyone presented for marriage. Give special attention to groom and his family Continue reading

Father of the Bride Speech Tips

Father of the Bride Speech TipsI always knew that when my daughter and her fiance decided to get married I would have to write a father of the bride speech, but I never knew how important that speech was going to be!  You see after my failed wedding speech as the bride’s father at my other daughter’s wedding, I figured I would pass up this right.  Turns out you can’t fight tradition.

The only advice they gave me this time was to do the opposite of my last wedding speech, and to start early.  Don’t make the same mistake I did. Plan ahead if you can!

When you start writing your father of the bride wedding speech it will seem like a really difficult endeavor.  After all, it takes enough courage standing up in front of everyone in the first place that having to come up with an entertaining speech as the father of bride becomes too nerve wrecking!

As the day got closer I tried to think of an inspirational, but charming and hilarious father of the bride toast, but nothing was coming to mind. So what I eventually decided to do was to sit down and just write some of the thoughts that popped into my head.

Believe me, there are more efficient ways to plan a father of the bride wedding toast, but this was great for getting the old wheels moving.

It started out difficult, but as I began using speech prompts and guides, I soon started jotting down little tidbits of info about the family and my daughter.  Some good ideas I had were the emotions I felt when I first saw my daughter, and the emotions her new husband feels as they start their journey together.

At this stage you’re better off not worrying about the order or the content of what you’re writing (or any wedding speech jokes!)  The biggest problem in getting the perfect wedding speech is never actually starting to write it! So by jotting down my thoughts I was already over the first major hurdle for my father of the bride speech. Continue reading

Prepare Your Wedding Speech

I’m sure you’ll agree that a wedding is a truly wonderful occasion, but it can also be one of the stressful times of your life. This is especially true if you happen to be the father of the bride. You have spent the last 20 or so years raising and nurturing your daughter, and you have done everything within your capabilities to ensure that she feels loved and protected, although you know as well as me that you have to let her go eventually.

However, as her special day approaches there are various tasks for you to undertake as the bride’s father. This will involve calculating (and paying for) your financial end of the wedding, determining the tasks both you and others in your family will need to complete, and of course the most nerve wracking part of the day for you – congratulating your daughter and new son-in-law.

The father of the bride speech is a part of the nuptials that many of the guests look forward to, although with so much else to contend with, you can be forgiven for almost forgetting about it. This is the exact reason why I have produced this website – let’s call it your ultimate resource to ensure that you give a speech that will make your daughter ever so proud of you. Continue reading

Father of the Bride Wedding Speech – Saying The Right Thing

When trying to please people with your wedding toast, forgetting to thank someone is one thing.  On the other hand saying the wrong thing altogether in the father of the bride speeches could be a complete disaster!  I really wanted to avoid doing this, so I researched a number of helpful tips to avoid this embarrassing situation.

Pleasing The Newlyweds

The worst thing you can do is start talking about embarrassing stories about your daughter’s ex-boyfriends.  It might seem obvious, but believe me there are fathers that do it! Even if you want to compare your new son-in-law favorably, if she’s anything like mine she will not appreciate it – especially on the most important day of her life!

You should make sure to speak favorably of the bride at all times. Though it may seem fitting to add a slightly teasing joke, trust me, this is not the right situation for it.  In my speech I stuck to what I knew my daughter would want me to say, and it worked! Continue reading